Top BPM technologies analysis

One of the biggest challenges with the BPM market is working out which tools are capable of meeting the requirements of your business.  Although the term standardisation is thrown around often there is very little that is common between BPM platforms.  Selecting a BPM is a major undertaking.

One of the candidate BPM Tools
One of the candidate BPM Tools

In this blog I will talk about a detailed review I have performed that involved deep analysis of the top human centric commercial players along side a number of open source options to actually see which of this tools could meet the key requirements of a real world Enterprise Architecture. ¬†Something the salesman for the commercial products were all nervous about. Continue reading “Top BPM technologies analysis”

IBM BPM 7.5 enters the market place

Not long ago IBM released a new BPM (Business Process Management) product into the market called IBM BPM 7.5.

So what is this product and how is it different to their previous offering?

IBM BPM 7.5 is a combination of Lombardi and the WebSphere Process Server technology stacks with a component of the ILOG JRules engine thrown in as a taste of what can be achieved in the future.

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