Cloud Strategy – Locating your Disaster Recovery Site

One topic that has been coming up a lot recently, when comparing cloud based software systems, is the location of disaster recovery (DR) or secondary data centres.

Whilst the first step is helping the business to understand the need for a secondary hosting site, be it:

  • a DR site activated in a major failure / disaster or
  • secondary sites servicing active customers in parallel to the main site

the next step is ensuring the business isn’t then bamboozled with false promises from vendors.

Moving from a single point of failure architecture to one that can easily scale out and handle failure is no small task. Continue reading “Cloud Strategy – Locating your Disaster Recovery Site”

IBM BPM 8.5 first impressions

Enter IBM BPM V8.5

As many people may know IBM has released its next major version of the IBM BPM, version 8.5. So far I’ve managed to spend some time evaluating the new product to identify its strengths and weaknesses and determine whether this new release brings the benefits promised by IBM during the lead up to this major release. My first impression of the product were mixed.   There are some important improvements but also so major decisions have been made that could be taken negatively by the existing customer base.  Lets go through them. Continue reading “IBM BPM 8.5 first impressions”